Local SEO In The Maritimes

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local seo expertLocal SEO is a way for search engines to offer the most relevant results (SERP) to local users, in this case, the Atlantic Canada region of Canada.

After all, if you’re looking for a pizza shop locally in Halifax, you’re going to want to find one nearby, right? This is great for small businesses locally because the competition is a lot smaller and for most smaller struggling companies, this is a huge plus.

Local search engine results are provided to companies in Halifax as well as served up to many other parts of the Maritimes, Canada, the US, and in fact, right around the globe. The key is to get found locally when someone types in what they are looking for in a search engine, and possibly ahead of your competition within the same market or niche.

Here are a few SEO tips on how to help improve your local search position the right away:

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1. Claim your business. Creating a local page is pretty easy and can be done by visiting Google Places and signing in and fill out the name of your business and company information. Google will check to see if  your business already exists in the local search so even if you weren’t the one who added it, it may be there, so claim it.

2. Page Categories. Pay special attention to how you categorize your business on Google. During the process of claiming or creating your page, you will be asked to select a primary category, which is very important in search terms to choose the correct one.

Search engines may not even display a business if it isn’t categorized, and if your business isn’t properly categorized, you’re pretty much in the same boat. After you choose your primary category, you will be allowed to choose a few additional sub categories for your business. Think keywords within your market, and your business may pop up ahead of other companies in the local area, with similar keywords.

3. Consistency: Make sure that your business is well branded and listed consistently across the internet. This means that your name, title, website, address, email, and other contact information including your phone number should be the same everywhere including web directories, web 2.0 sites, blogs, social media sites like Facebook and Twitters, and anywhere else that mentions your business.


Need A Local SEO Consultant?

If you are struggling with sales and need to get placed higher in the search engines, why not contact a local SEO consultant in the Maritimes? Local SEO Traffic is in the business of helping local Canadians get found for local search terms in their local communities and cities throughout the Maritimes.

The cost if lower than you would expect. We have local Maritime SEO consultants right here in Halifax working day and night to improve your SERP results and to make your company and brand stand out from the others whether it be web design or web optimization, we are the true SEO professionals you can rely in!