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Local SEO In The Maritimes

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local seo expertLocal SEO is a way for search engines to offer the most relevant results (SERP) to local users, in this case, the Atlantic Canada region of Canada.

After all, if you’re looking for a pizza shop locally in Halifax, you’re going to want to find one nearby, right? This is great for small businesses locally because the competition is a lot smaller and for most smaller struggling companies, this is a huge plus.

Local search engine results are provided to companies in Halifax as well as served up to many other parts of the Maritimes, Canada, the US, and in fact, right around the globe. The key is to get found locally when someone types in what they are looking for in a search engine, and possibly ahead of your competition within the same market or niche.

Here are a few SEO tips on how to help improve your local search position the right away:

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1. Claim your business. Creating a local page is pretty easy and can be done by visiting Google Places and signing in and fill out the name of your business and company information. Google will check to see if  your business already exists in the local search so even if you weren’t the one who added it, it may be there, so claim it.

2. Page Categories. Pay special attention to how you categorize your business on Google. During the process of claiming or creating your page, you will be asked to select a primary category, which is very important in search terms to choose the correct one.

Search engines may not even display a business if it isn’t categorized, and if your business isn’t properly categorized, you’re pretty much in the same boat. After you choose your primary category, you will be allowed to choose a few additional sub categories for your business. Think keywords within your market, and your business may pop up ahead of other companies in the local area, with similar keywords.

3. Consistency: Make sure that your business is well branded and listed consistently across the internet. This means that your name, title, website, address, email, and other contact information including your phone number should be the same everywhere including web directories, web 2.0 sites, blogs, social media sites like Facebook and Twitters, and anywhere else that mentions your business.


Need A Local SEO Consultant?

If you are struggling with sales and need to get placed higher in the search engines, why not contact a local SEO consultant in the Maritimes? Local SEO Traffic is in the business of helping local Canadians get found for local search terms in their local communities and cities throughout the Maritimes.

The cost if lower than you would expect. We have local Maritime SEO consultants right here in Halifax working day and night to improve your SERP results and to make your company and brand stand out from the others whether it be web design or web optimization, we are the true SEO professionals you can rely in!


Search Engine Optimization in Canada

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If you don’t already know what SEO is, then you need SEO services!

seo expertSearch Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is the process of making your website rank higher in in major search engine search results. Of course Google search engine results being the ones that matter most as 90% of people use that search engine. Often SEO is not cheap, but there are affordable SEO experts in Canada who are very knowledgeable.

Canada SEO Services offers professional SEO services in Canada and thru careful on-page and off-page SEO procedures, can push your website to page one on Google, ahead of your nearest competition! How fast you get to Page #1 all depends on the amount of competition and the keywords and market you select. The tougher the competition, the harder we will have to work to get you to Page #1 of Google.

We work with Google Webmaster Tools to get your on-page SEO correct, the way the search engines need it to be to get all your pages of your site indexed properly. We build a sitemap.xml file  and position it in the footer of your site so that search engines can find it easily and index your site faster. We will then make sure your sitemap.xml file get rebuilt on a regular basis so that all your pages get updated on a regular basis.

We have to work with the search engines because top search engines like Google regularly release updates to its search engine algorithms, with such names as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. IF you have SEO experts working on your web optimization campaign, then you never have to worry about these minor search engines optimization updates by Google.

We will guide you though all of the web design, SEO, and social media marketing steps. We will also help with the domain name registration, web hosting, on site SEO, off site SEO, and ongoing maintenance of your website.

We would love to be partners in your business, product, service, and overall branding.

Thank you.


SEO Services Expert

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Local SEO Marketing Tips

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1. Figure Out Your Target Audience
Until you know who you are targeting there is not much point in doing SEO. What words are your potential customers searching with when you want to be found? What are different modes are they in when they are searching? Are they ready to buy? Are they just doing research? Are they big spenders or are they cheapskates?

In general pick terms that match up with your service, that you think will convert well (conversion is a another five minute discussion altogether btw) and that have good search volume. To get an idea of search volume use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool which can be found here:

Once you come up with your target keyword list…

2. Update Your Page Titles
The page title or “title tag” is perhaps the most important element of SEO. These are the words that appear at the top of your web browser when you are on a page. They are also the words that show up in the blue links in Google.

Put the search terms you are targeting in your page titles. In general keep the titles as brief as possible while at the same time making them appealing to searchers. No easy trick. Put the most important keywords at the beginning of the title. Don’t worry about getting this perfect the first time as these are very easy to change and Google usually reacts to these changes quickly. And if your website developer tells you these are really hard or expensive to change, get a new website developer.

3. Make Each Page Title Unique
It is also important that all of the pages on your site have unique page titles. A quick way to see if you have more than one page with the same title is to do the following search in Google: intitle”the words in the title”

The results of this search will show all of the pages in Google that have these words in the title. Once you identify these problem pages you can update the titles to make them unique.

And make sure you add your city name to the titles as a lot of people search for your service in your city.

It also couldn’t hurt if you added some text to the actual page that uses the keywords you are targeting as well, in both the body of the text and the
h1 tag, which is typically the headline of the page. If you don’t have a page that targets the keywords you are using, add a new page that does.

You also should check the meta descriptions tags of each page to make sure those are unique as well.

4. Add a Few Internal Links

The number of links a page gets from its own site and which pages link to it matters. The home page is the most important on the site and so the pages that are linked to from the home page are also important. Figure out which pages you want to rank the most (and don’t say all of them) and add links from other pages to these pages. Make sure you use relevant keywords in the text of those links. For example if you want to rank the page for “pizza” use the word “pizza” in the text of the links that go to that page. Try not to use the exact same phrases in each link to make it look more “natural”. For example in some of the links use “best pizza” or “man that’s a helluva a pizza”.

5. Add Your Address to Every Page
Ideally every page should have your address and phone number. This is helpful for users but it also reinforces your location to the search engines. If your business has multiple locations then you may want to create a separate page for each location or at least a single page that lists all locations. Make sure you link to these pages from as many pages as possible on the site. It would probably be a good idea to list as many location names as possible on the home page too.

6. Claim Your Profile on Merchant Circle, Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, etc.
There are a huge number of yellow pages-like sites that allow you to update your business information for free. These sites get a lot of traffic and tend to rank well. At the least you should go to each one, claim your profile and make sure they are linking to your site.

7. Make a Video
Create a Video testimonial for your website. And I am not talking about a multimillion dollar production. Ask your kid to point the camera at you and start talking. Explain your service and try to be charming. Mention your website a lot. Then upload it to YouTube and every other free video site and title the video with your top keywords (e.g. “Best Pizza in Pleasanton”). Make sure your website is linked to from your profile. Then link to these video pages from your site with the keywords in the link text. You will be amazed at how easy it is for these pages to rank for your search terms.

8. Add a Blog To Your Site
A blog is just a simple way to add pages to your website. A good, or even bad, web developer should be able to set up a simple blog for you in a few minutes. If you don’t want it super customized it shouldn’t cost that much. Once it’s up start writing. I am not talking novels or even journalism. I am talking keywords. If you want to rank for “Pizza in Pleasanton” write a blog post called “Pizza in Pleasanton: What’s Cooking Tonight At Joe’s Pizza”. Go to and add your blog’s URL to Google’s blogsearch engine. Now everytime you write something on the blog it will instantly be added to Google, and each of those posts has a chance of ranking for the term you are targeting.

9. Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Technical Issues
There are a number of technical issues that could be preventing your site from ranking. An easy way to identify them is to sign up your site to Google Webmaster Tools at By copying a short line of code to your site you can get an idea of some of the common problems that Google is having with it. Google provides you with some detail about the problem. There is not much you yourself can likely do about these problems, but you can at least show them to your website developer or a SEO guy and ask him/her to figure it out.

10. Get Backlinks
Now none of this stuff will work very well if you don’t have any links to your site. The big search engines look at links from other sites as a sign of quality and trust. So you should spend the remainder of your five minutes thinking about what other sites you think you can get links from. Here are some of the obvious ones:
– Chambers of commerce/local business groups
– Local business directories/Local newspaper site
– Friends who have sites (including your kid’s blog)
– Partners/Vendors

Get a Professional Backlinks Company to run a backlinks campaign to rank your site even higher on Google and other search engines.

There are hundreds of other ways to get links like writing articles for other sites, sending out press releases, adding your business info to social media sites, making a fool of yourself in public, etc.

It’s important to understand that SEO is not a one-time thing just like running a TV ad campaign is not a one-time thing. It’s a marketing tactic like any other. And as more people use the Web to find local services, SEO could become one of the more important components of your marketing plan. So get familiar with it today so you can master it tomorrow.

Half the battle of marketing is just getting your potential customers attention right?

If you have any more questions about SEO please drop me a line at order @


What Are The Top 10 Local Search Ranking Factors for 2012?

  1. Physical Address in City of Search on Place Page
  2. Proper Category Associations on Place Page
  3. Proximity of Address to Centroid on Place Page
  4. Domain Authority of Website
  5. Quantity of Structured Citations (IYPs, Data Aggregators)
  6. City, State in Places Landing Page Title
  7. Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews
  8. Quality/Authority of Structured Citations
  9. Local Area Code on Place Page
  10. HTML NAP Matching Place Page NAP